I gave specific instructions that I don’t want any photos during my shaving, or during any of my bathroom things. I didn’t know what was going on behind me because of the noise of my electric shaver. I thought maybe she was playing one of those angry games. Yesterday, a year later, I saw these photos for the first time.

Anyway, Christina's coming for a visit, so I won't be on this thing much for the next three weeks. Or at all. I'd like to show her a better time than watching a scruffy, middle-aged Irish man typing angst-ridden, sarcastic gibberish into the tumblr machine.

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You don't like this?

  1. drflavor said: Adorable! Have a great time you guys!!!! See loads of castles!
  2. surfer-rosa3 said: Enjoy your time together, both of you!! :) xoxo
  3. therussianrevolver said: I love this.
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