Generic American Soap Opera

Scene fades in to odd musical cue, like an extremely slowed-down game show jingle.

Door opens. Calvin Klein models walks through as though it was a challenge. Close-up on his jawline. He asks in a sensitive-yet-gruff voice, “How’s Dylan?” 

Cut to an air-brushed, soft focus busty blonde with too much make-up, also looking sensitive, facing towards the camera (and hence away from the Calvin Klein model) but with a dramatic frown that the other actor cannot see, indicating she’s hiding something. The shot is framed to be as close as possible without losing the top of her head or her cleavage. When she speaks, the light glistens on her moving lips: “He’s … better. He’s resting now and the doctor says that’s a good sign.”

Switch to a two-camera set-up, all over the shoulder shots, soft focus, with everyone dressed like they’re going to a hipster opera. At some point, perhaps to indicate trouble keeping a secret, one of the interlocutors will move away, turning his back on the other person, and looking off-camera left. 

Scene fades to black as the odd tune is played again.

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