1: “He’s behind you!”: (l-r) Brachiosauraus, African-American lady, solo1y.

2: American Emo/Gothic: (l-r) solo1y, bewbins

3: Home again, Home again: (l-r) Leonard, Kandinsky, solo1y

Los Angeles County Fair - Lessons Learned:

1. Even really bad animatronics can’t unfold the magic of dinosaurs.

2. Black people really, really don’t like “the n-word”, but some of them have a very forgiving nature.

3. I can’t force myself to look like I’m anything. I was going for ‘stoic’ in that photo, but I just came out like I am in every other photo. Whatever; bewbins was going for ‘grim’ but it looks more like apathy tinged with a tiny suggestion of regret.

4. My stupid dog thinks he has to keep watch when I sleep. I’m not sure what he thinks is going to happen.

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