Tear Gas Challenge

The citizens of Ferguson, Missouri are the latest group to bravely volunteer for the Tear Gas Challenge, which has been taking the internet by storm. Many celebrities, including Drake, Li’l Wayne and Wiz Khalifa have chosen to walk through a cloud of tear gas to raise awareness of being black in a place where the entire social and economic infrastructure is owned and operated by white people.

The challenge requires nominated participants to have a tear gas canister thrown at them in the 24 hours after they are nominated to complete the dare; otherwise, the participant has to pay their taxes. Some very generous volunteers have agreed to walk through the tear gas and pay their taxes anyway.

Being black while living in a white area is a condition that affects 43 million Americans every year. While people always had an uneasy feeling about it, the Tear Gas Challenge has confronted people with the actual bodily harm that can occur to black people simply by existing. Few people realise, for instance, that shooting unarmed black teenagers multiple times in the head is legal in the United States.

In non-American parts of the world, people are finding it difficult to take the Tear Gas Challenge as tear gas is a chemical weapon and is prohibited by various international treaties that most countries have signed.

I took these photos on the back road from Mallow to Castleisland on the way to Tralee. The lady in the GPS seemed to think it was a good idea.

I’m deeply suspicious of any road that carries on for miles in a straight line over the horizon, and when you get over the horizon, there’s another one.



This Missouri stuff is PRECISELY what they’re always telling us might happen.

The defence of citizens against militarised state action is the ONLY Constitutional justification for their gun ownership. This should be their playground. They should be down there by the thousands.


Where the fuck are they?

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This is the blooper reel from the little video we made two posts below. It’s longer than the actual video, and might be better. We look like fools, but given that the original video has about 70 hits at the moment, I don’t think we’re in much danger of becoming pariahs of the community.

Laugh with us.

If anyone should think he has solved the problem of life and feel like telling himself that everything is quite easy now, he can see that he is wrong just by recalling that there was a time when this “solution” had not been discovered; but it must have been possible to live then, too, and the solution which has now been discovered seems fortuitous in relation to how things were then.

And it is the same in the study of logic. If there were a solution to the problems of logic (philosophy) we should only need to caution ourselves that there was a time when they had not been solved, and even at that time, people must have known how to live and think.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, once more elucidating the merest common sense, but very possibly something no one had considered before.

I Got The Part!

I’m sick of waiting for HBO to contact me, so I’m going to make my own movies. This is the first.

It’s one and a half minutes long. I’m planning on making lots of movies, and they should all be under five minutes.

I’ve blown up this photo of a local petrol station, but it’s still not entirely clear.
For some reason, they felt it necessary to put a sign up that says “No Urinating In This Area”.

I’ve blown up this photo of a local petrol station, but it’s still not entirely clear.

For some reason, they felt it necessary to put a sign up that says “No Urinating In This Area”.

This change from right to left is only for the primaries. And then, for the general election, right down the middle!
Jimmy Carter, when asked about his change of hairstyle, taking the opportunity to make a joke about how presidential candidates approach elections.

A few nights ago, Sara Benincasa had a small breakdown. It looks like a bunch of humorous horoscopes, but in fact it’s a cry for help. 

Follow Sara on Twitter. See if she’s OK.

I think if a Jew born in Brooklyn has a right to live in Israel, then a Palestinian born in Israel has a right to live in Israel…

Why do we have one and not the other? After all, it’s America that pays for all this.
Christopher Hitchens talking to Charlie Rose, many years ago.